Out of a love for baseball caps, gasoline culture and all things Americana, Gasoline Caps was born. 

The founder, Edwin Tofslie, was traveling to Montana in 2013 to head into the mountains for some epic fly fishing. As an avid baseball cap wearer, he wanted a Montana themed hat to sport. Before that on a trip to Alaska he picked up a few old license plates and thought, man, that would look great on a hat. After trying to find such a product, nothing was found. Six months later, Gasoline Caps was born. The End. Actually not really, this is just the beginning.

So right out of the gate we are featuring a truly unique line of hats. Vintage License Plate Caps for many of the states in America. As we grow, we will continue to add more states and new lines of great Americana inspired gear.

What's next? Well, we have been through a few setback due to life changes and are still aiming on coming back with full force. Sorry for the delays, but sometimes life is more important than hats.