Where is my state?

We are in the process of getting a Kickstarter ready. Our delay has been due to acquiring the Trademark. We are very close now. As you can imagine funding 50 states all at once is costly, so we believe this is the best route to get this show going. 

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Flat or curved?

We ship them how they are made. Most come flat but can be curved like any cap. The best way to curve your hat is to curve near both side edges first with your thumbs, then curve the middle. Another great way is to simply curve it up and stick it in a coffee cup overnight. 

What do the numbers mean?

Each plate is inspired and represents a license plate from that state's year plate. The plate ID numbers where initially started out as random numbers based on the states general method, as that is how plates are done. For some of the newer hats we are trying to do a few representation numbers such as the date the state was founded, area code or other various reasons. But honestly, we think it is great just to have a killer vintage plate. 

Why the specific years?

Simply because we were inspired by the look of the year. Some years are better than others and we may do other years per state in the future.

Can I get a custom plate number/word?

Not yet, it is super expensive to do one off designs. But we are looking into it.