what's next


I started Gasoline Caps in 2014 simply as a side project based on a very unique idea. Over the next year Gasoline Caps did better than I could have imagined. Since it was a small operation, we have not been able to dedicate the proper time to grow our company.  We also went through a few unforeseen setbacks that held us back.

But that is about to change. 

Recently we were able to acquire our Trademark which now sets the wheels in motion for our next effort. The biggest request we receive of course is designs for every state in the USA. Well, we are happy to say we are ready to take that step. 

Over the next few months, with a goal by the start of 2016, we will be working hard to launch our very own Kickstarter. We believe this is the best way to raise the money needed while reaching a broader audience to be able to make all 50 States. 

Thanks for your patience and support over the past year and a half. We are stoked to take this side project to a full fledge roaring business.

Edwin Tofslie. Founder.