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Featuring Vintage License Plate Caps



Due to an unplanned move back home to Montana, we had to put everything on hold. We are in the process of bringing everything to fruition and are in planning.

Sorry for the delay, this started as a side project and to bring it to the next level we have to be sure we can support everything as it grows.



The backstory


Out of a love for baseball caps, gasoline culture and all things Americana.


it started in montana

The founder, Edwin Tofslie, was traveling back home to Montana and headed into the mountains for some epic fly fishing. As an avid baseball cap wearer, he wanted a Montana themed hat to rep his state. A few weeks before on a trip to Alaska he picked up a few old license plates and thought, man, that would look great on a hat. After trying to find such a product, nothing was found. Gasoline Caps was born.


I know the voices in my head aren’t real..... but sometimes their ideas are just absolutely awesome.
— Edwin Tofslie


in the wild